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Star Ranch

Star Ranch Jackpot Rules and Guidelines
​Star Ranch Barrel Race Rules
1. By entering a race, you are accepting these terms and race rules.
2. No cash refunds will be allowed. Once you pay on show day, money will be put in the pot. Refunds ONLY allowed on early entries only if a vet or doctor release is received. All refunds will be mailed from Star Ranch minus a $25 processing fee.
3. Full dress code required for the NFR Style Barrel Race Series. Hat or helmet, long sleeve collared shirt, and boots to be worn while in the arena
4. Absolutely NO switching of draw positions.
5. Horse substitutions can be made BEFORE the first horse runs for a $5 fee.
6. Any given horse/rider combo may only enter the race once
7. In the event of a timer failure, a re-run will be issued at a mutually agreed upon time. However, if the first run resulted in a knocked over barrel resulting in a no-time, a re-run will not be granted. If a contestant feels they have ben fouled during a competition run, they must immediately declare themselves to the judge following their run.
8. If there should be a tie, money will be split, and a coin toss will determine prizes.
9. 75% payback. 100% added money. 30%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%. The fastest time each day will determine the breakdown. The break down is: 5D-fasted + ½ increments,
10. All pre-entries will be taken in the order they were received. Requests will be considered based on availability. Late entries will be drawn by office staff until a certain point, at which time late entries may be placed in the order you enter. Entering multiple horses late could result in runs being close together. Enter early.
11. If there is a question to a horse’s eligibility or racer’s eligibility, the complaint should be made in writing to star Ranch with a $50 deposit. Checks will be held in the class of complaint until the contestant proves eligibility, but no longer than one week
12. If a contestant acts in an un-sportsmanlike manner, they will be asked to leave immediately, and no refund will be given.
13. No un-stalled horse is to be left on the grounds overnight.
14. Time limit: if you are not able to get your horse in the arena after the 2nd call , you will be given 60 seconds to enter the arena. After 60 seconds, if the horse has not broken the plane of the arena, a no time will be given
15. For the futurity, we will follow the WPRA rules. You can access them here. http://wpra.com/futurity/rules.php
16. Other rules may be added if necessary. We want to be fair to everyone. If you any questions, please ask and we will determine the fairest possible result.