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Star Ranch

Star Ranch Jackpot Rules and Guidelines

1. No refunds after the entry form is submitted. There are no
exceptions to the rule, so please don’t ask.

2. Dress Code requirement-boots must be while in arena.

3. Horse substitutions must be made in the office before the first horse runs in the open for a fee of $5. No rider substitutions.

4. No switching of draw positions.

5. All reruns will be the decision of the Arena Director. Rerun will be on a fresh drag. Arena Director’s decisions are FINAL. A horse falling during the run will not receive a rerun and any penalties incurred during the original run will be carried
over to the rerun.

6. Failure to answer 3 gate calls in a 60 second time period will result in an Official scratch, no excuses. 

7. A horse/rider combination may enter the race only once. 

8. Contestants will receive a no time for knocking over a barrel or breaking the pattern and they may or may not receive a time from the announcer. Once a barrel has been knocked over or the pattern broken that will end the competition for that run. The contestant may finish the pattern, but the horse is not to be trained, schooled or exhibitioned for the remainder of the pattern.

9. Number of places paid per division in all races will be in accordance with BBR rules. These can be found at www.betterbarrelraces.com

10. 75% Payback of entry fees unless otherwise noted, 100 % of added money will be split equally between all divisions.

11. Negative coggins required. Health papers if applicable.

12. Once a contestant has entered the competition ARENA they must maintain a forward motion. Under no circumstances will a
contestant be allowed to circle their horse once they have entered the arena. Such circling will result in a disqualification and a no time.

13. Exhibitions are accepted on a ‘first come – first serve basis only and will be limited to 6 per entry if/when pre-entries are accepted for that particular race.

14. Please keep all exhibitions under 60 seconds. A $5 fee will be assessed for going over time limit. NO EXCEPTIONS!